1. Naked truth

    Bummed out by excess packaging, LUSHes from Stockholm to Seattle bared their souls — and nearly everything else — this week. We wouldn’t mind being tied to some of those apron strings. (C’mon, you knew we’d butt in with an ass-inine crack.)

  2. Bowler’d over

    Whether ball cap, bucket, or beanie, these helmet hats will keep you looking hip while you bike around town — at least until you reveal that helmet-hat hair. Pocket all three to cap and trade.

  3. Putting the “race” in “rat race”

    Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch him; he’s a commuting businessman. But wouldn’t he go faster in a rolly desk chair?

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  4. Speak now or for rubber hold your peace

    Latex love-gloves: Good for the wedding night — and also the wedding day.

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  5. Their name is Jonas

    Hundreds of disappointed tweens are questioning their JoBro-mances after a recent contest controversy involving the trashing of fans’ green-themed posters. Adding to the JoBro woe? No Bonus Jonas in sight.

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    Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage