Val Kilmer

Photo: © Val Kilmer

This summer, the Iceman cometh … to a horror flick about global warming. The Thaw, which begins shooting mid-June with star Val Kilmer, is based on the premise that melting ice caps reveal a woolly mammoth hosting a deadly prehistoric parasite that comes back to life to infect the world … mwa-ha-ha. Ahem.

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From director Mark A. Lewis:

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"I think ultimately where this story comes from is the idea or, more accurately, the feeling of vulnerability. The discussion eventually evolved into one about the vulnerability of our species and how we’re about to experience the wrath of Mother Nature as a result of global warming."

But he doesn’t intend for the film to be preachy …

"I don’t consider it my job to tell people about how or why we’re fucking up the world," Lewis continues. "The older I get, the more vulnerable I see people are (as individuals and communities). Global warming is a very scary part of our place in time on this revolving rock in the middle of God knows where. I consider it my job to translate, into a story, the emotions (in particular the fear) I’m experiencing around an issue that is extremely interesting to me. Hopefully people will find the result enjoyable, relatable, and perhaps even cathartic."

Check out the movie poster, below. Looks like the film may hit theaters next spring.

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Thaw movie poster