You know when you’re searching for airline tickets and you get that feeling that there might be a cheaper flight somewhere if you just check one more discount-airfare website? Yeah, I hate that. Which is why I like using, an aggregator that finds the prices at a number of different discount sites as well as on the airline’s own site.

The reason I mention this is because they also send out an email newsletter with various travel deals, and this week, there’s a green theme, with information about eco-volunteer work, bike tours, and interesting wildlife. (I know, I know … "green theme" and "travel deals" in the same sentence — it’s high treason, I tell you! All travel is bad, blah, blah, blah.)

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This is how the newsletter frames it:

Al Gore may have scared you into switching to fluorescent bulbs and a new hybrid, but we want to put the eco friendly fun back into your next vacation. This issue is all about sustainable travel. So get your carbon footprint down to size on one of these fabulously green locations.

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