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I’m updating this post because I now see you can vote every day (!) for Climate Progress in TreeHugger’s Best of Green Awards.

You’ve got a whole ‘nother week (through April 2) to vote for CP in the category of Best Political Website.

Sure, you like the insider’s view of climate science, solution, and politics delivered every day to you for free.   But the other nominees are pretty darn good, too.

Why should you vote for CP?  Well, set aside all issues of merit, look at the competition, and vote strategically:

  • Mother Jones’ Blue Marble.  Great website.  Mostly the work of the impeccable Kate Sheppard.  But you can — and should — vote for her for Best Twitter Feed.  She’s like the Meryl Streep of climate blogging with these two nominations.  And everybody knows that Best Twitter Feed is the more sought after award, the one that brings in the big endorsement contracts.
  • NRDC’s On Earth. Another must-read website, from the distinguished Natural Resources Defense Council, home to many great environmental champions.  But you can — and should — vote for NRDC for Best Watchdog Organization.  Who barks louder than NRDC?  And everybody knows that Best Watchdog Organization is the more sought after award, the one that brings in the big donor contributions!
  • NYT’s Dot Earth.  I know what your thinking, but here’s the thing.  If Revkin wins, people at the New York Times might start to ask themselves why is he nominated for Best Political Website.  Is he getting all political, now?  You see, it wouldn’t do his career any good at all.  Plus — and here’s where we cue the music — these blogs really aren’t about the writers.   Blog writers are a dime a dozen.  There are 100 to 200 millions blogs worldwide.  It’s the commenters who make the blog — you!  You don’t want to vote for Dot Earth’s commenters, do you?  ‘Nuff said.

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[NOTE:  This was originally posted March 10th, 2010 at 8:08 pm.]