Quick, what’s smarter and cuter and more awesome than a Smart car? We’re going to go with a Smart bike, the tiny car’s even-tinier electric bike sibling.

The bike’s won all kinds of design awards, and it’s no surprise. It actually still resembles a bike, instead of a cyborg bike with a tumor-looking motor attached, like some e-bikes we could name. It’s maybe not that fastest e-bike in existence, but we’re betting it will get you up hills. And it doesn’t need to be charged too often.

Because Europeans are better at all things biking (and, unlike some U.S. states, their governments actually allow e-bikes), they can already buy the smartest smart bike around. But soon we will be able to, too. That’s the “we” who have a couple thousand dollars to drop on a bike, of course.

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Like its big brother, the Smart bike is not meant for long hauls or hard roads. This isn’t a bike for the serious biker; it’s a bike for commuters and city-dwellers who are tired of sitting in traffic. But those people sure will look good while they zip past frustrated dumb-car drivers. Smart may not be hardcore, but it’s sexy.

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