This video, in which designer Adam Ladd‘s 5-year-old daughter rattles off corporate logos while sounding exactly like Marcel the Shell, is simultaneously adorable and sobering:

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To the kid’s credit, she’s not too indoctrinated; she can only associate brand names with five of the logos. That’d be Disney, Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, and GE (“that’s where my grandpa works”).

But don’t think she’s been untouched by the clammy finger of corporate imagery. She has contextual clues for a lot more: Starbucks (“the coffee logo”); BP (“that’s gas”); Pepsi (“the pop from the pizza place”); Mercedes (“on a car, it’s a peace sign”); Panera (“that is coffee again”); XBox (“that is on a control that you use to control the TV at Ryan’s house”).

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Pretty much everything else is a cheetah, though.