bike spikes

Cesar van Rongen

Hardcore bikers want to keep pedaling to work even in snow and ice, but most of them also want to make it there with intact skulls. So they’ll appreciate Bike Spikes, or in the Dutch, Sneeuwketting (snow chains). Fast Company reports that these bright yellow contraptions are “rubber casings fitted with iron teeth to provide a bit of extra traction to bike wheels traveling over snow and ice.” And unlike the bike snow tires currently on the market, these bike cleats snap on in less than a minute.

This idea comes from Cesar van Rongen, a young Dutch designer. He’s also designed a bike without pedals (it helps you run longer distances) and an umbrella that collects rainwater, filters it, and captures it in a bottle for drinking. We’re pretty sold on all of this — if you’re looking for us, we’ll be outside in the rain, running over the ice on our bike with spiky wheels and drinking the rainwater collected by our umbrella when we get tired.

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