We’re cool and comfortable as usual up here in the Pacific Northwest, but we hear it’s hot out there for the rest of you. Like, hella hot. And dry. And on fire. And under water. And stormy. And covered in mayflies. It’s downright apocalyptic, people.

The sun over the Waldo Canyon wildfire in Colorado. (Photo by Chris Sgaraglino.)

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The only upside of all this destruction and misery is that it just might be convincing doubters that climate change is a real thing. After all, when no one can stop talking about the weather, it starts to dawn on you that maybe it’s not just weather anymore.

Commiseration can help ease the pain in any kind of disaster. Plus, extreme weather makes for extremely awesome (in the literal sense of the word) photos. So, we’re asking you, Grist readers: How’s the weather where you live? If you have photos of this summer’s crazy weather or its aftereffects — lightning storms, dried-up lakes, raging wildfires — we’d love to see them. We’ll put the best ones on the website in the next few days.

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