Republican Rep. Sandy Adams (Fla.) wants to limit funding for Department of Energy websites that educate kids about efficiency. She doesn't know how much money that will save, but by god, we must stop children learning at any cost!

Adams has introduced an amendment to the Energy and Water spending bill that would limit funds for any DOE website "which disseminates information regarding energy efficiency and educational programs to children or adolescents.” This means, for instance, DOE's "Energy Kids" site, which disseminates such dangerous propaganda as "[CFLs] last much longer and use much less energy than incandescent bulbs, producing significant savings over the life of the bulb" and "Scientists know with virtual certainty that increasing greenhouse gas concentrations tend to warm the planet." Dear god! Won't someone think of the children?

Adams is reportedly "frustrated" with Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu for not giving her an exact dollar amount for how much could be saved by cutting off these sites. In other words, she has no idea how much she's proposing to save with this purportedly spending-based amendment to a spending bill. But she's pressing ahead anyway, because hey, we don't know how much DOE is spending on education — it could be TRILLIONS!

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