Lawmakers want to talk about Solyndra, its federal funding, and its bankruptcy. Solyndra execs realized that if they don't come to Washington, they don't have to talk about any of that. For good measure they may build a pillow fort to hide in.

Congress is still going to talk about it, of course. And probably use some strongly worded language.

A day before this hearing, Bill Gates and a bunch of other rich guys urged Congress to invest more in clean energy. #badtiming

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More than 250 of the world’s largest companies say they “put climate change central to their business.”

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Lisa Jackson’s not going anywhere.

We thought that Germans were killing it on all clean energy, ever, but apparently they're just as freaked out as Americans by China and its cheap manufacturing.

At least, in America and Germany, we're not eating food fried in carcinogenic oil. (Or so we hope.)

No one should ever let Donald Trump get his way. Can we fire him from building anything ever again? (Apparently all the Scottish parliament can do is watch a documentary about his "ruthless efforts to build a golf course on a Site of Special Scientific Interest.”)

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