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Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.


Americans may not have heard of Husky Energy.  But thanks to an eagle-eyed reader up north who snapped this picture, we all get to see their uber-greenwashing effort.

Here’s how “Mother Nature” makes her fuel, at least on the Bizarro world of Htrae.

First, you take some heavy oil or tar sands from Canada.  If you’re a Canadian oil producer, you call tar sands “oil sands” (see Memo to all: They ain’t “oil sands”).  Everyone else can call it the“biggest global warming crime ever seen.” See also Canadian bishop challenges the “moral legitimacy” of tar sands production.

Then you refine it into gasoline and add “up to 10% ethanol.”  Of course, this is the not ethanol from low-carbon, sustainably grown cellulosic biomass:

Our “Mother Nature’s Fuel” is made from renewable resources such as wheat and corn.

Cough!  [Bullshi!t]  Cough!  It’s made from the most environmentally-destructive form of oil known to humankind with a little environmentally-questionable food-based biofuel thrown in.

Mother Nature needs to hire a good attorney.