Sunday was far and away the biggest day of climate action the planet has ever seen — one day before world leaders descended on Paris for the landmark U.N. Climate Summit.

There was no major climate march in Paris — it had been called off in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in the city, replaced by more quiet actions — but activists in other places around the world more than made up for it. Hundreds of thousands of people joined an estimated 2,300 marches and actions in 175 countries over the weekend, demanding that the heads of state and negotiators in Paris pull together a strong deal to fight global warming — and fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground and shift to 100 percent clean energy.

Suva, Fiji:

Fiji march
Tom Vierus /

Aukland, New Zealand:

Aukland demonstration
Nigel Marple / Greenpeace /

Melbourne, Australia:

Melbourne activists
Peter Campbell /

Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo march
@_SK47_ /

Seoul, South Korea:

Seoul demonstration

Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Dhaka protest
Maruf Hossain /

Kiev, Ukraine:

Kiev march
Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko

Helsinki, Finland:

Reuters / Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

Johannesburg, South Africa:

Johannesburg march

Berlin, Germany:

Berlin march
Pursche / Grodotzki / Neugebauer / Campact

Stockholm, Sweden:

Stockholm protest
REUTERS/Christine Olsson/TT News Agency

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Copenhagen march
Brian Berg /

Oslo, Norway:

Oslo protest
Monica Lovdahl /

London, England:

London march

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Rio protest
Reuters / Pilar Olivares

Bogota, Colombia:

Bogota protest
Reuters / Jose Miguel Gomez

Washington, D.C.:

Jay Mallin

New York City, New York:

NYC march
Reuters / Eduardo Munoz

Ottawa, Canada:

Ottawa protest
Michael Swan

Sayulita, Mexico:

Sayulita action
Anne Ackerman /

Oakland, California:

Oakland march
Shadia Fayne Wood / Survival Media Agency /

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland:

Ireland protest
Eamon Ryan /