Part two of intergovernmental climate report no sunnier than part one

No Monday would be complete without a dash of grim global-warming news, so here goes. Part deux of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is due out in April, and according to a draft, things are looking quite the opposite of good. The report, the second of four scheduled to be issued by IPCC this year, focuses on the effects of climate change. Among other bleak things, it says effects are already being felt — as opposed to the 2001 report, which said chaos was still on its way. It also says unless the world takes action on emissions (and hey, maybe even if it does), we face massive water and food shortages, increased death rates for the world’s poor, flooding, fire, and species extinction. Coming to a neighborhood near you in as little as two decades! “This is the story. This is the whole play,” said Canadian climate scientist Andrew Weaver. “This is how it affects me, you, and the person next door.” The report awaits government review, but no major changes are expected.