Shit just got real in the climate fight, people. Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project has teamed up with the company founded by legendary ski movie maker Warren Miller to bring you “I am Pro Snow,” an effort to save the white dust that has kept Miller and his protégés busy — and skiers and boarders coming back for their cinematic antics and epic powder shots — for decades.

Here’s the latest Pro Snow video, featuring one of our highest profile snow pros — Ted Ligety, who just won his gajillionth gold medal in Sochi, Russia — rocking the thigh drums with a slightly depressed cartoon snowflake.

Boom. One more Olympian steps into the climate fight! And Ligety’s come-from-behind personal story sends a valuable message to all the foot soldiers out there, getting their butts kicked (or just arrested) on the front lines: One day, you may actually win this thing.

But most of all, I’m glad to see a little more love for the white stuff. Without snow, we wouldn’t have Warren Miller flicks. And without Warren Miller flicks, what would we all do come October, when the skis and snowboards are rattling in the closet, and the forecast hasn’t yet turned cold?

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Here’s a little classic Miller. You know what I’m talking about …

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