The New York Times editorial page took the Bushies to task yesterday for ignoring and distorting science on climate change, echoing accusations made by NASA’s top-dog climatologist, Jim Hansen.

Speaking in Iowa last week, Hansen castigated the Bush administration for its failure to face up to facts and act, and he “said that he had been instructed by Sean O’Keefe, administrator of [NASA], not to discuss publicly the human contribution to global warming,” the Times writes. The editorial continues:

[T]his administration has a depressing history of discouraging robust discourse on climate change. …

The net result is that while most of the industrialized world has ratified the Kyoto agreement, and committed itself in general terms to mandatory cuts of carbon emissions, America is saddled with a passive strategy of further research and voluntary reductions.

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Dr. Hansen said he knew he was risking his credibility and possibly his job by criticizing Mr. Bush in the final days of the campaign, but had decided — properly so, in our view — that the risks of silence were greater.

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