Prince Charles frets over climate change, promotes organic foods

Britain’s Prince Charles is getting dreadfully worried about climate change. In an interview with the BBC last week, he called it the “greatest challenge” to face humanity. And on CBS’s 60 Minutes last night, he said, “You know, if you look at the latest figures on climate change and global warming … they’re terrifying, terrifying.” But he was mum on whether he’ll raise the subject when he sups privately with President Bush at the White House this week — wouldn’t be proper to comment on a private dinner, old chap. (Man, we’d love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting of the minds.) Charles and his wife, Camilla, are making their first trip to the States as a couple this week, and they’ll use it to highlight another of the prince’s top environmental issues: eating local and organic. During a jaunt to the San Francisco Bay area, the royal duo will shop at a farmers’ market, lunch at an organic farm, and visit the Edible Schoolyard project where green celebrity chef Alice Waters teaches kids how to grow organic food. Jolly good.