Do you have people in your life who tell you they don’t believe in global warming? Maybe your mom or dad think it’s a load of crap … after all, it’s already snowed up at the lake house this year! Or perhaps it is your representative in Congress who shrugs at such nonsense? Maybe it’s even your yoga teacher — he theorizes that the changes in climate are caused by solar flares and that the media’s just hyping all this to scare us. That’s why they have made it a law in Britain: Either learn the difference between climate change and weather or go to jail. This video explains.

Yes that video is a joke. And if you can tell that video is a joke it hopefully means that you can tell the difference between something that is real (it does not have a laugh track, people’s hair might be bad but it’s not that bad) and things that are not real (laugh track, super bad hair). Which is about as hard as telling the difference between climate change and weather. (But apparently not for some people, who, sadly, aren’t really going to jail.)

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