In this corner, we have PETA, a shameless animal-rights organization that uses boobies to make its point at least — what, once or twice a minute? To wit: this latest, uh, holiday-themed ad featuring Polish Playboy model Joanna Krupa. In the other corner, we have FOX News and angry Christians:

peta angel adFor a higher purpose?

“It’s totally inappropriate,” said Deal Hudson, publisher of, an online magazine. “It’s another instance of disrespect toward Christianity and another example of the kind of abuse that would never occur with any other major religion, because the outcry would be so immediate and so loud that the people behind it would immediately retreat.”

Immature jokes about the name “InsideCatholic” aside, what do you think? Is this a brilliant marketing ploy, an offense to all that is good and holy, or just a waste of your time? Vote below.

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Update: The results are in:

The latest PETA ad makes me want to …

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  • 31.3 percent — Adopt a puppy, not buy one
  • 30.2 percent — Make some popcorn and watch PETA and FOX tear each other apart
  • 29.4 percent — Sorry, what was the question? I have boobs in my ears
  • 7 percent — Crusade for the rights of Christians everywhere
  • 2.1 percent — Go to confession