Peru Park with KidsPhoto: TreeHuggerIt’s one of Lima’s most unusual spaces: a set of structures that were going to be the railways of an electric train. In 1986, the project was dropped and the construction was left as-it-was.

For years, these concrete columns and pass ways ‘adorned’ Lima’s landscape with no purpose, until this February.

Spanish group Basurama, known for projects like the ‘You are what you drop‘ installation, thought this was an amazing place to make an urban intervention and came up with an amusement park.

The Ghost Train park features amazing bright colors and games made with recycled materials such as car tires, a canopy line, swings and climbing structures. All free of charge for kids, young people, and adults.

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More of the story, plus great video and pictures, from our friends at TreeHugger.

And if you love reclaimed urban blight as much as we do, you’ll get a kick out of what’s being done with emptied big box stores. Hint: a museum to a certain canned ham product. 

Sometimes an abandoned building is more like a big shopping mall for those who like to mine them for fixtures and lumber and the odd decorative element.  Amy Bauman greens the construction industry one re-claimed I-beam at a time.


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