compostPhoto: VokashiOh, Brooklyn. You’ve got a bear who will come get rid of your relationship refuse, and a bear who will let you punch him, and … okay, for some reason most of Brooklyn’s entrepreneurial endeavors involve bears. But now you also have Vokashi, a composting service for people who don’t want to harbor rotting vegetable matter in their kitchens.

Composting in a small space can present a logistical challenge. If you’ve got a stinky bin, it can really overwhelm a little kitchen, plus your apartment might not come with a wide rolling lawn to use your compost on. Vokashi provides buckets full of bran mixture, which ferments your waste instead of just letting it rot. It doesn’t smell, and once it’s full, Vokashi founder Vandra Thornburn will take it away and put it to use on a local farm. You benefit, the farm benefits, the earth benefits; only the worms get screwed.

Even better: Vokashi’s pricing structure encourages community sharing. The service is pretty affordable to begin with, but it costs less when more apartments in the same building participate. All this plan needs is more cities, and a bear. This might just be our vision of the future: A community network of buckets full of fermenting trash, forever.


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