Chipkos, a company that produces eco-friendly footwear, has partnered with artist David Palmer to produce the world's most expensive pair of flip-flops. They cost $18,000, but hey, at least they're really ugly!

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To put it in perspective, that amount of money could buy 26 pairs of Louboutins, or 327 pairs of TOMS shoes for you and a needy child, or 3,600 normal flip-flops, or … well, 100,000 square feet of rainforest, which is what Chipkos promises to do with the money. Chipkos is pushing the shoes as "the most expensive flip-flops that save the planet," which might be overstating things a bit, but they could definitely save a two-acre chunk of it. So … that's something.

If you don't really need your flip-flops to be painted with gold leaf and come with a display case, you can also buy normalish-price shoes that save 100 square feet. Or if you have that kind of cash kicking around, you could probably just donate it to rainforest conservation directly? But maybe your feet are allergic to frugality or something, I don't know your life.

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