1. Do you believe in tragic?

    Pledge to fight global warmingget a Big Mac? That’s like handing out SUVs as a reward for taking the bus to work. Except with more special sauce.

  2. Frock hunter

    To honor her father’s work wrestling crocs, snakes, and stingrays, 9-year-old Bindi Irwin will enter the jungle of the fashion industry and fight to keep her clothing line from going down under. Good luck, mate, and watch out for the vicious Bitchilus supermodelia.

    Photo: Serge Thomann / WireImage.com

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  3. Living off the landfill

    In what we like to call Survivor: Landfill, a new British reality show dumps 11 participants into a trash-heap of trouble — for three weeks, their lives depend on the rubbish the rest of us are throwing out. Talk about trashy television.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  4. He’s been sacked

    To bring attention to the evils of plastic bags, a Texas activist has volunteered to boldly go where no man has gone before: inside the world’s largest reusable canvas shopping bag. Our thoughts will be with you throughout the perilous 24 hours, Bagonaut.

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    Photo courtesy Bagonaut

  5. Fashion forward

    To highlight their recent eco-efforts, Lancôme has partnered with Carbonfund.org to create organic tees. More interested in what’s under those tees? Lingerie-leader Victoria’s Secret has added organic undies. Yum.

    Photo: Lancôme

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