1. CloFu-bar

    Dear PETA, the meat-eating masses are not going to be swayed by flavored tofu. No, not even if you flavor it with George Clooney’s special sauce.

  2. Lexicon-artist

    Oxford’s kiddie tome has undergone a Gen-Y makeover, replacing nature words like beaver, newt, and parsnip with techno-speak like blog, MP3 player, and voicemail. Also newly added? Endangered and cautionary tale.

  3. Reds: the new green

    In a homerun for the environment, a Cincy Reds outfielder has launched weplaygreen.org. His pitch: Striking bad eco-practices on the ballfield. Guess he hasn’t heard that global warming could actually be a hit.

  4. The Helsinki experience

    Green haze all in my brain / Lately, ‘sinki just don’t seem the same / Lookin’ funny, but I don’t know why / ‘Scuse me while I laser the sky.

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    Photo: Antti Aahonen

    Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

  5. Cocoa puffs

    Clean coal may be a myth, but Lindt thinks chocolate-flavored coal (cocoal?) could be a reality. If that doesn’t work, there’s always chocolate-fountain hydropower.