1. Happily Eva after

    What do you do when Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson want your number? You answer the call.

  2. Brother, can you spare me some climate change?

    Booted from the Arctic by the subprime mortgage crisis global warming, the population of homeless polar bears in D.C. is exploding. And any of them with hopes of ever returning home are facing a cold, hard reality.

    Photo: Courtesy Greenpeace

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  3. Drawn on the dumps

    Can the litterati design wastebaskets for charity? Yes, they (trash) can! Hmm … wonder if Mena Suvari will find her career in there?

  4. William, tell

    At age 12, this kid has invented the solar cell of the future and has mild ambitions of “finding a cure for cancer or fixing global warming or the energy crisis or something.” And we felt proud when we made it out of bed this morning.

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    Photo: Davidson Institute

  5. Lyr-icky

    With not-Johnny-Cash’s ode to seismologists and not-Al-Gore’s heartfelt ballad to the earth, the climate movement sure knows how to connect with the Kids These Days!