1. Leo-topia

    Once upon a time, we swore we’d never watch reality TV, but now we’re Dancing With the Bachelor’s Top Model every week. And soon Leo may join the lineup, greening a yet-to-be-chosen American town (ooh, pick us! pick us!) in E-topia. But will it restore our dwindling dignity? Stay tuned.

    Photo: Steve Granitz / WireImage.com

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  2. All about Eve eco

    Place: Hollywood. Time: Rapidly running out. Characters: Julia, Geena, Sigourney, publicist.
    Julia, Geena, Sigourney: Dammit, Lohan’s hogging the spotlight again.
    Publicist: Maybe you could get some press by speaking out about a random environmental issue.
    Julia, Geena, Sigourney, striking Charlie’s Angels pose: Shazam!

    Photo: Tony Barson / WireImage.com

  3. Look at the stars, see how they samba for you

    We’da thought Arctic Monkeys were extinct by now, what with global warming and all. But turns out the indie rockers have joined Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, and others to record their songs with a Latin twist — and the resulting compilation album will benefit climate-change awareness. Can you say muy caliente?

  4. Joystick it to the man

    Fancy-graphic video game Adventure Ecology dispatches students to fight eco-threats and halt pollution, teaching them that our choices have real-life consequences. Also true to life: the game’s evil-doer, Global Warming, is aided by Mr. Lazy, Chairman Greed, and General Fear. Aren’t they up for reelection?

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    Image: Adventure Ecology

  5. Real Men of Greenness

    Today, we salute you, Mr. Afraid to Be Too Green Beer-maker Guy. Mr. Afraid to Be Too Green Beer-maker Guy! Why launch your first organic beer with your macho American brand on the label when you can test the waters under a pseudonym? Wild Hop sounds much more eco! Sure, going organic is a good move, but no one wants to be labeled a tree hugger. That bark is too itchy! So crack open a cold one, oh brawny brewmeister. You can keep your eco under wraps, but we know your true colors. Mr. Afraid to Be Too Green Beer-maker Guy!

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