Have a spare $4? Why not buy some smoked water?

Uh, drink up, I guess.

Halen MonUh, drink up, I guess.

British sea salt brand Halen Môn created the pee-like liquid at the request of Heston Blumenthal, a wacky British chef who runs a popular restaurant called The Fat Duck. It’s a better bet than traditional liquid smoke, which usually comes with bonus artificial flavors and chemicals.

But WTF would you do with smoked water? Basically, it’s like chicken stock, but vegan (though we’re doubting that’s what a restaurant called The Fat Duck cares too much). And unlike chicken stock, you can put it in a cocktail:

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Halen Môn oak smoked water can be used in stocks, soups, rice and pulse dishes, or frozen into ice cubes for cocktails and whiskies.

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It is a naturally smoked product, and delivers a powerful smoky taste and aroma with no artificial additives.

(Apparently Blumenthal enjoys mixing it into his mashed potatoes.)

The water is infused with smoke over a four-day period. “It comes out looking yellow in a bag. It makes people smile because it looks like something else,” spokesperson David Lea-Wilson told BBC Radio Waves. But can you use it to pass a surprise urinalysis test?!