Photo by Denise Rosser.

We all loved the Good Humor ice cream truck, but let’s be realistic: Good humor is for children, children with a naive understanding of the world and its woes. What we need, as adults, is an Ennui Truck. And it would sell sophisticated, grown-up frozen treats like blackberry/goat cheese popsicles.

In the absence of the Ennui Truck, though, NPR tells you how to make those goat cheese pops — and sangria popsicles, and lime-jalapeno popsicles — for yourself and your very worldly friends. The key, apparently, is a Zoku ice-pop maker, which makes pretty popsicles with less risk of ice crystals; you could save the $50 and make crummier-looking pops in Dixie cups, but what’s more adult than dropping money on a unitasking appliance just to keep up appearances?

Maybe you never expected to break out ingredients like triple sec, tapioca flour, or agave nectar just to make summer treats, but face it: that’s what adulthood is. I can hear the mournful tinkle of the Ennui Truck even now.

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