You know you should be bringing reusable cups to the coffee shop, but let’s be real: It’s haaaaaaaaaard. It costs MONEY and you have to REMEMBER it and shit. Well, Starbucks has just kneecapped your excuses, because you can now buy a reusable cup for a dollar.

This is a win-win solution. You win because the cup pays for itself — you can fill it again and again, and Starbucks will take a dime off the price of each coffee you order. The planet wins because you throw away fewer plastic and Styrofoam cups. And Starbucks definitely wins, because it continues to make a shitload of money peddling coffee and the idea of some sort of genteel, caffeinated intelligence. (The cups are made in China, so the U.S. economy is perhaps the one big loser here.)

That said, we don’t have to be such Debbie Downers about it. And Starbucks coffee is fine, especially in certain stores, and definitely when you’re driving across country and it’s that or McDonald’s. Hey Starbucks! You’re amazing. Your plastic cup is amazing. Thanks for killing the planet a little less, one dime-discounted cup of coffee at a time.

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