You’ve likely heard by now that there will be little to no corn this year because the drought is killing all of it. And while that sounds bad enough in theory, the reality of it is even more pathetic. Just look at these sad, sad ears of corn:

Awww. It’s just ready to give up.

Photo by CraneStation.

This guy’s trying but instead of corn, he’s turned into some sort of ’80s-era hair band rock star.

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This one would be cute, if it were supposed to that small. But trying to eat it would be like that one scene in Big.

Oh, did you want actual corn in your corn? TOO BAD.

Photo by MUExtension417.

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Just to prove that 2012 doesn’t have a monopoly on drought stressing corn out so much it gives up, this one’s from 2011. Here’s your forecast for how the rest of this year looks for corn (i.e. gross).

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