Cascadian Farm just got reeaal dramatic in its new campaign to save the bees. The organic food company’s ad for the campaign shows a bright yellow plane dropping a million wildflower seeds over a field … and it’s majestic. Children cheer in slow motion and the single, rising crescendo that is Sigur Rós — the official background music for inspiring scenes — plays in the background.

The video is part of Cascadian Farm’s Bee Friendlier campaign, aimed at educating the public on colony collapse disorder and donating money to bee research. Bee colonies have been disappearing at an alarming rate, worrying beekeepers, farmers, and, well, anyone who likes to eat. Pesticides have been fingered as a culprit.

Critics point out that Cascadian Farm’s parent company, General Mills, is a rampant user of pesticides itself. According to consumer campaign group GMO Inside, General Mills’ “Small Planet Foods” division, which Cascadian Farm falls under, makes up only 3 percent of the company’s total sales. The other 97 percent — or, the non-organic cereals, fruit, ice cream, pasta, pizza, soup, yogurt, veggies, and … well, you get it — likely does more harm than good when it comes to bee-saving.

Here’s what Scott Lee, the director of marketing for Cascadian Farm, told the New York Times about the discrepancy:

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General Mills understands there are varying degrees of beliefs and consumer interests and offers non-G.M.O and organic brands like Cascadian Farm. So from a brand standpoint, ‘Bee Friendlier’ is very much aligned with our beliefs, and General Mills recognizes that.

Fighting colony collapse disorder should be in every consumer’s interest. Still, I know what I’m doing tonight: Putting on Glósóli and tossing a handful of black-eyed Susan seeds across the yard. Cute kids are more than welcome to cheer me on.

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