Megan Nuismer
New Orleans Fruit Tree Project
New Orleans, La.

For the majority of Americans, the idea of growing citrus fruits is exotic. In Louisiana, oranges, grapefruits, and lemons literally grow in backyards — and largely go ignored and uneaten. Nuismer harvests citrusy goodness in yards and green spaces across the greater New Orleans area, and brings the fruits of her labor to local hunger relief organizations.

la_postWhy we chose these lemons:

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By harvesting and distributing fresh produce that grows naturally in the city, NOFTP prevents food waste and provides healthy, hyperlocal fare in a city known for food  deserts. Nuismer also supplies local bars and restaurants, which helps cover the organization’s operational costs.

When life gives you lemons, plant more trees:

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“A lot of the trees that are in the city were lost from Katrina, and that includes citrus trees,” says Nuismer. “We went from [being] a real tree city to having the worst urban canopy cover in the country. We’re just starting to bounce back and plant trees again.” Accordingly, her next goal is to plant 100 new fruit trees in the New Orleans area.

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