Dan Susman, Andrew Monbouquette, and Chelsea Taxman
Truck Farm Omaha
Omaha, Neb.

In Nebraska, where large-scale agriculture reigns supreme, Susman, Monbouquette, and Taxman are teaching young kids about hyperlocal organic farming — with the help of a 1975 Chevy pickup.

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Why we chose this farm-on-wheels:

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ne_postThe trio drive their micro-farm, which is contained in the bed of the pickup, around to schools, YMCAs, and even birthday parties in Omaha. The team educates children about the relationship between soil health and nutrients, and the importance of eating fresh produce. Sure, the Chevy guzzles gas, but the sweet throwback ride also revs up interest in best agricultural practices. “It’s such a good tool to get kids excited, because kids love trucks,” says Susman.

To fight on the front lines of the food movement, stay home:

“There’s this idea that everyone feels like they need to go somewhere to be part of the sustainable agriculture movement,” says Susman. “I think what we need the most is people to be working in places like Omaha and Des Moines, the places that are not so cool — I think those are the places that are actually the front lines for this movement.”

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