April McGreger
Farmer’s Daughter
Hillsborough, N.C.

McGreger grew up on a Mississippi farm, where she witnessed all the challenges that farmers face in commodity-crop, “race-to-the-bottom” agriculture. The experience sparked her current mission: make wholesome jams, pickles, and preserves with produce from local farmers. “For me, [this business] started as … keeping as much money as possible in the pockets of farmers,” she says, “and then creating good and honest food with no ingredients we can’t pronounce.”

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McGreger creates her products based on what North Carolina Piedmont farmers are growing. The idea is to highlight the local produce that farmers can provide, and to encourage a model where the source inspires the recipe — not the other way around.

Taste globally, source locally:

McGreger says her products “are inspired both by what I want to eat and all the different people in my life.” For example: “My husband is Jewish, and he was very homesick for the pickles of the Northeast, so we make Jewish deli-style pickles. I have a best friend who is half-Korean, so I have kimchi on my menu.”

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