This invention is like a parody of a green technology: It’s solar-powered, it reduces pollution, and it provides clean water. All at once!! But we have to admit, it looks pretty useful and is actually rather attractive.

TreeHugger reports:

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The Eliodomestico works like an upside-down coffee percolator to desalinate salt water. The ceramic oven has three main pieces. The top black container is where the salt water is poured. As the sun heats the salt water and creates steam, the pressure that builds pushes the steam through a pipe in the middle section. The steam condenses against the lid of the basin at the bottom and then drips into the basin, where it is collected.

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Also, this thing only costs $50 to build AND can be made with locally sourced materials. Everybody else working on solar-power or cookstove or water-purifying technology, stop right now. The green singularity has been achieved.