It's a sea turtle with prosthetic flippers

If you think that you have seen everything in the world of adorable animals, just wait, because you have never seen Yu, a turtle living at a water life park in Kobe, Japan, who has prosthetic flippers. Yu lost her flippers in a shark attack, and could only swim about half as fast as usual. Scientists made 26 versions of a prosthetic before finally figuring out a way to secure them to a vest. A turtle in a vest? Can you resist?

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Yu is 25, weighs about 200 pounds, and, like most sea turtles, is expected to live to about 50. She is not the first sea turtle to be fitted with prosthetics; this, is, however, the first time they have worked so well. We are happy to see that Yu is doing so well and swimming with such agility, and are considering a trip to Japan see her in person. In turtle. Whatever.

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