Unlike Jalopnik, we’re more into two-wheeled vehicles than four-wheeled ones. But if two wheels are great, one wheel must be better, especially if you don’t have to pedal. So we’re going to endorse the SBU V3. It’s got one wheel, and it’s also got a battery. And while a “lithium-ion battery powered unicycle” might sound so hipster and jerky that it cannot exist … well, it does:

The SBU V3 is about to go on sale for the first time in the UK, but it’s been around in the U.S. for a while now. They say it eliminates the trickiest part of riding a unicycle, which is staying upright. Here, that’s taken care of by on-board 3-axis accelerometers and gyro sensors that keep it level at all times. No pedaling necessary — just lean forward to proceed and lean back to slow down and stop.

This is our new recommendation for must-have city transportation. Battery-powered bicycles might be illegal in New York City, but a unicycle? Bet no one’s even thought of outlawing that yet. Plus, you’ll freak out drivers. That’s worth whatever sneers you get from the anti-hipster brigade. And, admit it, you’re going to ride this thing to your circus class in Williamsburg, so why not just own it?

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