Today is National Women’s Equality Day, which you likely didn’t know because — in keeping with its theme — it had no fanfare whatsoever. There are a million and one obstacles strewn across the path to gender equality: the pay gap, abortion accessunsolicited dick pics, beach garb both too revealing and not revealing enough, and Ryan Lochte, to name a few.

But we’re here to discuss a burden nearly too awful to bear: office air conditioning.

All around the United States, women are forced to don summer cashmere, wool tights, and the occasional balaclava in August because of the male internal temperature. It’s a widespread problem: a much-shared study from 2015 found that the typical office thermostat is tailored for the 40-year-old, 154-pound men — and that ain’t us, you dicks.

While this is clearly a problem for women, it’s an even bigger problem for the planet: Air conditioning accounts for 5 percent of all energy use in the U.S. and spews 100 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

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Watch the video from College Humor above to learn about the plight of your female colleagues. And today, in honor of National Women’s Equality Day, do them and the planet a favor and TURN DOWN THE GODDAMN A/C, CODY.

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