Hope you’re sitting down, because it’s cute animal time! Stunky is a seven-month-old skunk that just got spayed but refused to leave her stitches alone. “Since she can’t wear a cone of shame, my vet had us put her in a newborn onesie and a puppy diaper,” writes Redditor KalisCoraven. UM YES. YES INDEED.



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KalisCoraven continues, “I stuck [the toy sloth] in her area with her cause it matched the onesie and she took to it instantly.” OF COURSE SHE DID. She is clearly trolling us.

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SQUEE! And before you worry about smells, the breeder had Stunky’s scent glands removed long before KalisCoraven got her, which sounds wise (but kind of sad). Before you run out and get a baby skunk of your own, KalisCoraven notes, “Keeping a skunk is not all flowers and roses, and they are a high-maintenance pet.” We’ll just settle for the adorable pictures.