This is Lava Tower, Tanzania, as seen with google maps.

This is Lava Tower, Tanzania, as seen with Google Maps.

Google Reader may sadly be a thing of the past, but take comfort: Google giveth and Google taketh away. Just because Google will no longer let you organize your RSS feeds doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. Because now, in the time you’ll be saving not reading your RSS feeds, Google will let you virtually explore the Seven Summits, the highest peaks in the world.

Those peaks include Aconagua, Kilimanjaro, and of course, mighty Everest. Someone dragged a Google camera up all those fuckers just so you wouldn’t have to. And here is what it looks like:

So if you’re a chicken like me and will never ever set foot on any of these mountains, this is a good way to do it without doing it. And if you’re thinking about actually climbing one of these bad boys, well, this won’t give you a virtual experience of hypothermia or altitude sickness or falling off a cliff, but it might inspire you anyway.

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