Quirky and cute! Just like SF itself!

Quirky and cute! Just like San Francisco itself!

What would you do if you had an old $80 piano and a big tricycle? Would you throw them out? Not if you were San Francisco musician Gary Skaggs. He turned this seemingly useless combo into gold, or at least normal paper cash, with his “piano bike.” 

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Since 2008, Skaggs has been taking his bike to San Francisco’s hopping tourist area, the Embarcadero, to perform. And he gets lots of tips. Take that, recession/supposed recovery!

Please enjoy the following video of Skaggs and the story of his pianobike:

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[vimeo 63484558]

Our favorite part of this story is that Skaggs’ girlfriend used to call him names while he was working on his contraption day and night. What does she call him now? “Person Who Gets To Ride a Bike All Day While Everyone Else Works”?