The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has just donated $50,000 to ensure that Adrian Grenier gets to Kickstart his latest environmental passion project: 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale. This documentary from Grenier and Josh Zeman will attempt to “re-find” a particular, very emo whale, which was first discovered by the U.S. Navy over 20 years ago. Said sad whale sings at a frequency no other whale can hear (52 hertz), so he’s the loneliest whale in the entire Pacific, which I guess is pretty dang bleak. (Unless he’s a loner by nature, in which case he finally has some goddamned peace and quiet. You never know.)

Grenier got involved “when a documentary producing partner called and asked if [he] wanted to participate.” That is perhaps less dramatic than what we’d hoped for, so allow us to submit this alternate brotacular origin story. It probably happened over many beers.

Whale 52, found. Grist artist rendering.

Whale 52, found. Grist artist rendering.Grist / Shutterstock

LEO: I love you, man!

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ADRIAN: No, we love the ENVIRONMENT, man!

LEO: Totally.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

ADRIAN: I also love The Wolf of Wall Street. You totally should’ve won.

LEO: Oh, thanks man. Entourage was pretty tight, for TV.

ADRIAN: … Um, thanks. Say, would you want to help me re-find this whale with literally no entourage? Y’know, since you love oceans and shit. Whales are all up in there. Just need about 50 Gs.

LEO: Sounds dope. [Digs under yacht captain’s seat cushion.] Here you go.

ADRIAN: OMG! Thanks, bro. Have another Church Key beer, on me. It’s kinda weird, I know, but someone made a phone call and asked if I wanted to participate and … you can see my problem. I’m just too passionate.

LEO: I totally know what you mean, dudebro.

ADRIAN: [Cheers.] So I guess now I can call you The Wolf of WHALE Street!

LEO: What did you just call me?

ADRIAN: The Wolf of Whale … like, because of the animal … the movie … we just talked —

LEO: I’m just fucking with you. I love you, man! [Chugs.]