The smartphone-less millennial is a dying breed. If you’re lucky, you might spot them in their natural habitat squinting at bus maps or being ignored at group dinners. Don’t look too long, though, or these timid beasts might scamper away in search of a pile of vinyl to crawl under.

OK, FINE: Although 83 percent of Americans age 18-29 own a smartphone, we’re not that precious. Our peers do give us weird looks, plus the occasional “luddite” spat out like a curse. We’re left out of dating trends, Instagram, and group chats. But is changing all of that worth a big monthly bill, less privacy, and giving up the best funky jazz ringtone?

To the three of us: Nope. And to prove that to our smartphone-obsessed generation, we three tech-savvy young writers decided to take to Twitter. With our dumbphones.

Our social media editor read questions and replies out loud like a helpful grandchild, while we desperately tried to keep up by texting our responses to Twitter.

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We ran into some technical issues:

As well as olfactory overload:

But minus a few cut-off tweets, things went pretty well. So, let’s get ready to rumble.

Question no. 1

… “are golden.” And dumbledarb stumbles right out the gate.

Question no. 2

Question no. 3

Question no. 4

Let’s check in on our intrepid tweeters’ thumbs:

Question no. 5

Question no. 6

Question no. 7