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Comedian, author, and self-advertised Harvard graduate Megan Amram is at it again — on her quest to bring science to us hot hobos, also known as women, she is launching a video series on “sexy science.” In the first episode of Experimenting with Megan Amram, Amram builds a (biological) potato clock and, more saliently, interviews engineer and Caltech aeronautics professor Beverley McKeon. Topics include: What’s it like to be the first female director of the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories at the California Institute of Technology? and, Do they have Miami in England? What about Beyoncé?

The bigger question in all this is: Is something like fluid dynamics easier for women to understand when framed as a discussion on air-drying your nails? Probably not! If anything, Amram’s antics draw attention to the clarity and confidence of her expert guest, and serve as a refutation of the perniciously prevalent idea that women can’t understand science and are really just around to look good.

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