Not to be a millennial cliche or anything, but I’ve never identified as an environmentalist. That doesn’t mean I don’t get upset by the idea that a changing climate will affect every single facet of my life. It may unfold stealthily, but ultimately, no part of the world around me is going to be left untouched.

That’s depressing! There are two things I do when I’m depressed: 1) Watch Little Women in bed (the Winona Ryder version, duh) and 2) Try to make myself — and the people around me — laugh. And while we can’t all watch Little Women in my bed — no, really, we can’t; you are not invited there — I do make an effort to make the denizens of the internet — that’s you! Hi! — laugh.

Make us more cultured

As Grist’s culture editor, I try to do that while documenting pieces of our lives that we might not think about readily when we think about “the environment” or “climate change” — and exploring the ways in which they might be affected by a warming world. It can be hard to get people who, like me, might not consider themselves to be environmentalists right off the bat, to think about how seemingly unrelated parts of their lives — like, for example, sexual harassment, birth control, and even Drake — are actually very much climate issues (or inspiration, in the latter case.)

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But I think that is one of Grist’s greatest strengths, and that’s why it’s important that it sticks around. Thing is: We need your help to keep, well, sticking around. So if you’d like to donate a little or a lot to Grist, I’d really love that. And hopefully, a bunch of new readers who don’t even know they care about climate change yet will too.


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