We’re on a quest to give your favorite celeb a fruit basket for supporting green causes. Here’s why you should vote for Wendell Pierce.

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A: C’mon man, it’s Bunk from The Wire, our favorite detective who kept a cigar in his mouth and a “fuck” in every quote.

B. Because he said in The Wire, “The Bunk can’t swim. I ain’t too good at floatin’ either.”

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C. Because he’s from New Orleans.

D. Because he cared so much about the food desert problem in New Orleans that he opened a bunch of grocery stores that sell local, organic produce.

E. Because those grocery stores deliver (since a huge percentage of New Orleanians don’t have cars, and the city has poor public transit).

F. Because he’s not used to winning. He recently threw his weight behind a candidate for mayor of New Orleans who came in last place.

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G. BUT! His candidate was the only one who had environment as part of his platform.

H. Because Katrina

I. Because he said about Hurricane Katrina: “When the entire world is destroyed, and you realize you’re just a moment away from losing everything, then you see the ugly side of human nature. To say nothing is to be complicit in bullshit.”

J. Because he hit the streets after Katrina to protest the bulldozing of public housing in New Orleans.

K. Because he’s been a guest at Obama’s White House six times.

L. Because you don’t want him to give you this look:

Wendell Pierce / Bunk

Quote: “I was working around [New Orleans] on Treme when I realized that one of the great needs was grocery stores. There were large areas that were underserved — food deserts, they’re called — and grocery stores were a way to bring something to the infrastructure of New Orleans. An opportunity to do good and do well. You can have all the community gardens and farmers’ markets in the world, but without that distribution arm, it’s hard to change the paradigm.”

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