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Over the weekend, a Swedish guy came across a seal pup wandering around all by his lonesome. This actually isn’t so uncommon in Sweden. What was strange about this encounter was where it happened: deep in the forest, about four miles away from any open body of water.

This person was rather confused, so he called the police. The police were rather confused, so they called hunter Robert Sandefors. Sandefors came to the rescue, like any good and noble hunter would do. The AFP reports:

Sandefors at first though that perhaps the seal had been caught and then dropped by an eagle a long distance from its natural habitat.

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“But there were no signs of injury on the seal. It was completely unharmed,” he said.

Police and Sandefors concluded that the seal had probably crawled three kilometres over sea ice and three kilometres into the woods.

“He must have gotten separated from his mother and gotten lost and gone in the wrong direction,” Sandefors told public broadcaster Sveriges Radio.

Poor little seal! He ended up back in the water, at least, but we do hope he gets un-lost and finds his mom. This story is enough like a fairy tale that it must have a happy ending, right? Right?

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