In a move that makes power plants everywhere look lame, Copenhagen is creating a dual-purpose trash incinerator/winter wonderland. Because nothing says Christmas like the smell of pine needles, hot chocolate, and burning trash!

Writes Wired:

Technically, it’s designed to turn garbage into energy via a potent incinerator, but starting in 2017, winter visitors will be able to ride an elevator up the corner and emerge into a snowy wonderland. At the top of the 280-foot-high roof-turned-slope, skiers will be able to zip through a landscape of pine trees (and air vents that double as quarter pipes).

Burnin’ rubber on AND off the slopes, amirite?! Here’s the breakdown on the plant:

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  • Anticipated cost: $670 million
  • Slope: 11,000 square meters and three levels of difficulty
  • Input: 400,000 tons of waste annually
  • Output: Heating for 160,000 homes; electricity for 62,500 homes

It’s just like that old song: “Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire from discarded packaging and unsalvageable clothing is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to crash, burn some trash, burn some trash, burn some trash!”

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