Instead of buying cheap, mass-produced gewgaws to give out this season, show your loved ones you care with a little DIY. During Grist’s 12 days of DIY gifts, we’ll share some crafty projects, with instructions that even we can follow. There’s sure to be a whatsit or wowsit for everyone.

Coupons / Poetry

It’s getting down to the wire, and you’re running out of time to make that perfect gift for that special someone. But don’t cave to store-bought convenience yet! There’s still time to make a personalized, low-impact gift — how about a coupon?


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With some nice stationery and a good font, you can promise your loved ones any number of future-tense treats: Good for one (1) night of pampering — Redeem this for a day out on the town (or out of the town) — One Massage, Free of Charge.

Poem by Sam Bliss

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Or, if you are a word wizard, you could even write a nice poem. Perhaps even a sonnet. If you’re shy, try a haiku. (And you can always call on the masters for some poetry that has already stood the test of time.) All you need to do is get some nice paper, brush up on your calligraphy skills, and you’ve got a not-so-horrible last-minute gift!


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