It’s not quite the Jetsons, but this electric minivan prototype wants to drive you and your favorite coworkers to the office in futuristic bliss.

French automaker AKKA combined self-driving cars and EVs, and the resulting baby is the AKKA Link & Go 2.0. By using technology like lasers, sensors, and a stereo camera, the car can drive, park, and charge by itself, freeing you up to catch some extra Zs on your morning commute.


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If you like technology and snoozing in front of your coworkers, get ready for this: The steering wheel retracts into the dashboard if you don’t want to drive, and the front seat swivels around so you can face your friends in the back seat. And you can set up carsharing through a touch screen inside.

But before you get too excited, keep in mind that the Link & Go 2.0 won’t be crowding U.S. roadways soon. It’s not just because it’s a prototype that looks like something deadmau5 would drive: The U.S. is still trying to navigate the technology and laws needed to make sure the whole self-driving-car-thing doesn’t just self-drive off into the ocean.

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In the following video, AKKA shows off the Link & Go 2.0 prototype at the International Motor Show. (Bonus: Hearing the French pronunciation of lasers “lah-ZAIRS.”)