We’re all about coming and going by bicycle (see: vibrating bike seat), so imagine our disappointment that the Double O bike light will not get you even one O. (Even moreso considering that its creator is our favorite sexily named British designer, Paul Cocksedge.)

The Double O DOES, however, snap easily onto your bike with a magnetic holder — useful if not as fun as multiple orgasms — as well as sliding handily onto your U-lock for safe storage. You can plug it into your computer’s USB port to recharge, and its marquee-inspired design, available in red or white, is sure to appease the hipsters.


Double O

Cocksedge wanted to design something that was easy on the eyes for drivers, not just cycling enthusiasts. Lots of bike lights pack their LEDs closely together, making them practically blinding, he says in his Kickstarter pitch. The Double O instead uses spaced-out LEDs with less power, so the light is bright without being harsh:

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[protected-iframe id=”44b1d4488a43dd4a8b8f7b3986a85585-5104299-17932162″ info=”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1238747394/double-o-a-simple-safe-secure-bike-light/widget/video.html” width=”470″ height=”353″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

At $66 for a taillight and $83 for a headlight, the Double O might be the priciest bike light you’ll ever buy. But because it can lock easily to your bike, you’re likely to keep it a long time. And at least you can giggle at the name if not the price tag, eh?

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